I love images. Images document a story...and powerful images have the potential to positively impact lives....

As a small child, one of my greatest joys was sitting down with a good storybook. I could sit for hours, letting my imagination run wild. It wasn't only the story line that captivated me, but also the pictures; some so powerful that I can still see them today, engrained in my memory.

When I was 14, my parents bought me my first SLR camera, and my passion for photography was born. Many years later I still have that camera and, even though much has changed since those days, I continue to be drawn to document the world around me.

Powerful images have the ability to highlight, and bring attention to, humanitarian efforts often overshadowed by the news of the day. My goal is to create emotional connections to those efforts. If the images I create help just one person, I am grateful.

Powerful images move people to action.

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